About Vantage Point


Where It All Started



Vantage Point was founded in 2017 by Morgan Mercer, a two-time survivor of sexual violence. In 2016, Morgan took a trip to hear Vantage Point's now-advisor Sara Elizabeth Dill speak at a TEDxMonte Carlo talk about women as weapons of war. After the TED talk, Morgan, Sara, and various other speakers engaged in a conversation about education surrounding sexual violence. The unifying perspective raised by both men, and women, was that nobody knew how to respond even if somebody came forward with their story of harassment, assault, or any form of sexual violence. After relating this to her own personal experience of sharing her experiences with her friends and community, Morgan realized that society lacked proper education around the topic. Morgan, realizing the power Virtual Reality (VR) could have in reshaping the way the topic is approached and recognizing the level of empowerment individuals could be given through training with the medium, decided to start Vantage Point.


About The Name


Our Team


We've united a team passionate about solving this problem, and laser focused on creating a safer and more inclusive society through effective education.


Our Advisors


Our advisory board consists of subject matter experts spanning from sexual violence policymakers to virtual reality innovators to help with every detail of Vantage Point's program and design.