Company Mission

Vantage Point was founded under the belief that while technology can cause apathy, immersive technology can drive empathy and fundamentally make the world more human. We believe that the heart of all we do is human. The way we make the world more human is by using technology to teach and inspire people to become the very best versions of themselves they always hoped to be. Today Vantage Point is actively developing the platform and the products to train people on EQ-driven skills and soft skills that matter, with the ultimate goal of enabling humans to unlock their full potential. We’re tacking enterprise training around important topics; beginning with tackling Workplace Anti-Sexual Harassment training.

- Morgan Mercer, Chief Executive Officer


Company Values



At Vantage Point, we live, eat, and breathe our values.

We build by our values, hire by our values, and strive to embody our values. We believe that the future can be better than the present, and that the best products are built with equal parts pure intention, passion, and curiosity.

  1. Six sigma in all you do

    What this means to us: let the numbers do the talking, constantly seek to improve.

  2. Positive attitudes are our M.O.

    What this means to us: attitude is everything, and we believe everything is better with a smile.

  3. Create a world without limits

    What this means to us: the only constraints that exist are those in your mind, always push the bounds of what people think is “possible”.

  4. Design for the least common denominator

    What this means to us: strive to design products that can be used by every single person in the room.

  5. The heart of all we do is human

    What this means to us: strong ethics and morals are built into the fabric of everything we create, and we will only create products that have a positive impact.

  6. Act with purpose

    What this means to us: every single action, no matter how small, counts.

  7. Aim above the mark (to hit the mark)

    What this means to us: treat every task as if it were the most important task you’ve ever done.

  8. Embrace the chaos

    What this means to us: accept, and embrace, change.


Company History



Vantage Point was founded in 2017 by Morgan Mercer, a two-time survivor of sexual violence. In 2016, Morgan took a trip to hear Vantage Point's now-advisor Sara Elizabeth Dill speak at a TEDxMonte Carlo talk about women as weapons of war. After the TED talk, Morgan, Sara, and various other speakers engaged in a conversation about education surrounding gender-based violence. The unifying perspective raised by both men, and women, was that nobody knew how to identify core intervention points, nobody knew what the appropriate actions to take in an intervention were, and nobody knew how to respond even if somebody came forward with their story of harassment, assault, or any form of sexual violence. After relating this to her own personal experience of sharing her experiences with her friends and community, Morgan realized that society lacked proper education around the topic. Morgan, realizing the power Virtual Reality (VR) could have in re-shaping the way the topic is approached and recognizing the level of empowerment individuals could be given through training with the medium, decided to start Vantage Point.



Company Name


To see from somebody’s “Vantage Point” is to see from a new perspective. While our primary goal’s are to address corporate training around the most pressing social, soft skills and EQ-related issues, embracing empathy is a value we strive to represent to our core.



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