To leverage virtual reality (VR) to combat sexual harassment and positively change the tone surrounding sexual harassment and sexual assault, and sexual violence victims at the corporate and collegiate levels. To reduce the occurrences of corporate sexual harassment and collegiate sexual assault, and to alleviate burdens associated with training and education on a global scale. To provide tools that dynamically identify the core issues leading to current sexual violence landscape. To create engaging and immersive experiences that educate the user on how to engage with and respond to real-life situations within a safe and simulated environment. 



To be the leading software solution for providing the most effective, accessible, and scalable sexual harassment and sexual assault training tools at the corporate and collegiate levels.


Eradicate Sexual Harassment, Sexual Assault

To eradicate sexual harassment and assault and to equip users with the simulated training necessary to learn how to respond and react to real-life situations.


Create Attitudinal Change

To create attitudinal change towards the topic of sexual harassment and sexual assault by underscoring the individual’s role in changing the sexual violence landscape and by creating a connection to the narrative of the lasting psychological and societal impact of sexual assault.


Reduce Overhead Costs

To reduce overhead costs associated with training for anti-sexual violence non-profits by leveraging software for training programmes (as a software donation).


Support Victims

To provide programs that support victims of sexual violence throughout every step of their journey to justice.



The Problem & The Solution


The Problem

  • Sexual harassment & assault training and educational tools are ineffective and outdated
  • Existing tools fail to take into account emotional stimuli and pressure that are present during and after the time of decision-making (state-dependent learning)
  • Existing tools fail to connect with audiences who are less at risk to be victims of sexual assault - lack of empathy
  • Fails to provide comprehensive training for A) communities and victims, B) managers and employees

The Solution

Comprehensive multi-step sexual harassment training program experienced in Virtual Reality

  • Cross-platform, interactive 360 video, safe and simulated real-life environments


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