We've united a team of subject matter experts spanning from sexual violence policymakers to virtual reality educators.


Our Educational Framework


BUILD - Engage - Apply

We implement a learning framework that we call build-engage-apply within each of our experiences. Our framework dynamically identifies the core issues leading to the current the sexual assault landscape, and creates an engaging and immersive experience that allows the user to learn in a safe, simulated setting. With response training and real-time reporting built into each module, the user is able to build upon core concepts, learn how to engage those concepts when exposed to them in real-life situations, and then can apply those concepts to his or her life. Experiences will include a global hot spot that allow the user to re-direct him or herself back to the main menu if a situation becomes to uncomfortable, leaving the experience up to the consent of the viewer and solely created from a survivor-centric perspective. Through Virtual Reality, the user is able to create a connection to the narrative and creates a more personal and relatable experience.


Framework BReakdown

  • Build:

Pre-Assessment of existing views; User is placed into a simulated learning environment that combines real-life data with gamification to enable and encourage the user to learn and identify concepts.

  • Engage:

User is presented with the impact of his or her choices within the experience as told from the narrative of a real-life survivor. User is taught how he or she aligns with the norm, and how those actions positively or negatively impact statistics.

  • Apply:

User is presented with response-training related to the concept, and is taught how to appropriately react. Post-Assessment of existing views and attitudinal change.


How We Measure It


All modules include pre- and post- assessments to measure change in ideology and grasp of core learning concepts.

Software / hardware analytics & tracking partners

We're leveraging eye-tracking technology, VR analytics platforms and VR emotional measurement platforms to measure and gauge human response and behavior when exposed to various situations, responses, and stimuli.


Educational Programming


Modules Include:

  • Identifying Sexual Assault / Harassment: Do you know what sexual harassment and assault is?
  • Bystander Intervention: As a bystander, do you know how to actively intervene in a safe manner? Do you know how to passively intervene? Do you understand the importance of bystander intervention and responsibility?
  • Individual Response Training: When placed in a situation, how can you best respond to sexual harassment and assault? How do you respond after it happens?
  • Identifying Societal Stigma: What societal stigmas exist? Where does your mental framework fit in? What are common responses for victims of sexual harassment and assault? Do you know how to respond to a colleague, friend or classmate who speaks to you about his or her experience? How do you respond with empathy?




  • Modules can be completed in any order

  • Response training built into each experience

  • Randomized experience & gamification

Simulated learning environment captured from different parts of the scene’s setting

  • Community, Organization, and Global Level Reporting

See how individual stacks up compared to community, organization and global norms before and after experience, identify and target core opportunities for improvement

  • Global hot-spot

Return user to main-menu if experience at any point becomes uncomfortable


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