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Morgan Mercer is using virtual reality to combat sexual assault

Vantage Point is building a prototype that is designed to provide training at businesses and universities.


Realtà virtuale contro le violenze sessuali: in America c’è chi ci prova

Una startup di Los Angeles, Vantage Point, vuole diffondere la cultura del rispetto e aiutare le vittime ad affrontare gli oltraggi subiti.


ECU alumna uses technology to educate on sexual assault

The company, Vantage Point, is a virtual reality educational and training program at the collegiate and corporate level. The technology teaches people who have directly been affected, or are bystanders, on ways to deal with sexual assault, sexual violence and sexual harassment.


Vantage Point crowdfunds a VR app to show how to deal with sexual assault

"The 360-degree video will cover apps that address both the collegiate audience and the workplace audience. Mercer will seek out partners to get wider distribution, not only for VR headsets but for 360-degree videos that can be viewed on two-dimensional screens."


Meet The VR Startup Changing Sexual Harassment Training

"Vantage Point aims to create a virtual reality training program to help people fully immerse themselves in a training exercise. The training will begin with a pre-assessment test to gauge where each user is coming from and what might need more improvement. From there, trainings will work on basic bystander intervention training and other experiential situations."


Can VR stop sexual harrassment?

"Other virtual reality programs tend to focus on helping victims deal with PTSD, and it’s good to see more focus paid to prevent the assaults in the first place, said one woman who has experienced sexual harassment first-hand. “More focus should be on preventing sexual assault using technology rather just focusing on the survivors and victims,” blogger Sophie Saint Thomas told Hypergrid Business."


This Company is Fighting Sexual Harassment with VR

"The app focuses on the idea of empathy, which Mercer said makes VR an ideal medium to provide the user with a survivor-centric position. The app uses 360 videos of survivors’ narratives to not only inform users of sexual harassment and assault but to hopefully destigmatize the conversations surrounding these often sensitive subjects."



"One company, however, is not using VR as an escape, but rather as a way to face a very real and present problem in our current society; sexual assault. Not only is Vantage Point bridging the gap between understanding and feeling, but it is also transforming existing educational tools to spread knowledge about sexual violence."


Helping Sexual Assault Survivors With VR

"Hammer & Tusk has talked about VR’s safety challenges, but one woman wants to go further than making virtual spaces safe: she’s using the technology to help make the real world safer, too."


Using VR to create understanding and empathy with victims of sexual harassment and assault

Vantage Point answers hard-hitting questions like: "What are the existing biases? How can Vantage Point prevent a "one of the boys" situation from happening? Why are things like party culture and alcohol used as excuses?"


Vantage Point Looks To VR To Help Stop Sexual Harassment Through Immersive Education

"Combining scientifically-backed training techniques with a fully-immersive educational platform, Vantage Point wants to leverage immersive technology such as virtual reality (VR) and 360-degree video to combat sexual violence. It’ll focus on key areas such as; identifying, changing stigma and bias; Bystander intervention (passive, active); Response training (responding with empathy to victims); Real-time individual reaction training and Sexual harassment identification."


WoW Woman in VR | Morgan Mercer, founder of Vantage Point

"We can make these tools more effective by empowering users to make the right choices through simulating real-life situations - both as an individual and as a bystander. We can create the individual and global impact necessary to tackle this social issue."