Messages of Support


"Look at the flood of #metoo stories pouring out from Hollywood to Silicon Valley to the Midwest. Education to prevent sexual harassment is clearly needed, and decades of research prove immersive training's superiority over other methods. Vantage Point just might be one of the first "killer apps" for VR."

- Malia Probst, Partner at VRScout & the WXR Venture Fund, Podcast Host for the VRScout Report & the Real Virtual Show

"I believe that Vantage Point has the potential revolutionize how our society addresses sexual assault and its survivors. By creating a virtual environment, you are immersed in interactive training that will help overcome both conscious and unconscious bias that is impossible to replicate without virtual reality. Vantage Point has the power to make the world a better place through this educational training in VR."

- Elizabeth Scott, Social Media Manager at Yi Technology and Vantage Point supporter

"This is awesome, you make a compelling case for how VR is well-suited to supporting sexual assault training in particular. Putting people into an interactive narrative raises the emotional stakes and builds skills like environmental awareness while also keeping things safe and scalable. I'm a huge fan of this approach, donated. :)"

- Dee Coetzee, Software Engineer at Facebook and Vantage Point backer

"Long before #MeToo, sexual assault and harassment was an epidemic that impeded a woman's ability to live, work, and advance her role in society. Women are now empowered to speak up, speak out, and are working to build a world where sexual assault and harassment will not be tolerated. Vantage Point is a ground-breaking and innovative part of this effort -- and one that will not only change the dialogue and the response, but will hopefully help to put an end to the culture of acceptance around sexual assault."

- Sara Elizabeth Dill, Director of Criminal Justice Standards at the American Bar Association

“Sexual harassment and sexual assault are old problems that demand new solutions. Likely, a significant culture shift needs to happen for real change to occur. While no one approach alone can accomplish that, VR and other interactive technologies stand to provide innovative solutions that I believe will have significant impact on positive behavior change in this area. Pro-social applications of VR such as this one deserves our support if we really are committed to moving society in a better direction.”

- Skip Rizzo, USC Institute for Creative Technologies