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Our training material takes into account contextual and hard-to-detect nuances of common sexual harassment situations and teaches proven cutting-edge techniques such as bystander intervention. Real-time response training and identifying and changing stigma and bias is included in every training module.


Why VR



The only effective solution

Existing solutions produce negative results, including an increase in victim blaming, a decrease in willingness to report sexual harassment, a decline in understanding, and are proven to trigger negative gender-based stereotypes.*


increase retention

Existing training solutions don't align with how the human brain processes information, and only have up to a 20% retention rate. Full immersion training has a 90% retention rate.



State Dependent Learning is a psychological phenomena where employee response accuracy and memory is at it's highest when the training environment is able to most closely replicate the stimuli of the real-world environment.

Traditional training solutions do not take into account the external and internal stimuli that influence employee decisions.

Why Vantage Point



Efficacy testing

Our program aggregates anonymous performance data across various industries to give corporate executives a better understanding of their corporate landscape, and helps insure we're teaching the most effective materials.


make the changes that matter

We help companies make changes that have maximal impact. We provide unique company specific insights about corporate culture and identify core areas of improvement.


proven cutting-edge training techniques

Our techniques encourage communal accountability, identify bias, and focus on educating around the core matrix that leads to sexual harassment. Our material takes into account hard-to-detect nuances of common sexual harassment situations, and each immersive module includes real-time response training.


Easy Implementation, Seamless Integration