Together, we're simulating a better reality - one free from sexual assault.



Current collegiate sexual assault educational programs fail to bridge the gap between explaining why sexual assault is wrong, and leveraging emotion and experience to create an understanding of how being a victim of sexual assault feels. Through creating a parallel between personal experience and statistics, we’re making the experience of being a sexual assault victim relatable to everyone. We’re bridging the gap between understanding, and feeling. We’re transforming the existing educational tools, and we’re equipping students, educators, and communities with the knowledge and experience to establish college campuses free from sexual assault.



We want to raise, build, scale, and change (the world) - in that order. How are we going to do it? With our team of dedicated and passionate experts, and with the help of all of our partnering organizations, non-profits, and the help of every individual in society that's passionate about standing behind our cause of stopping sexual assault.



We need to raise capital to scale out our team, bring on content experts, and bring this concept to life!


Beta User Testing & Focus Groups

We're going to gather focus groups of students, educators, parents, and subject matter experts ranging from all backgrounds for beta user testing and iteration.


Pilot Programs

We're rolling out to select universities for pilot programs so we can iterate based on data-driven decisions. We'll make the program the most effective solution available.


Full-Roll Out

We'll launch to the public and roll out to campuses across the United States, and eventually the UK and Europe. We have plans to expand into the corporate sector, so stay tuned.


See things from his perspective.

See things from her vantage point.


Survivor Support Fund


We Want to Support Victims

That's why 5% of our revenue will go towards a Survivor Support Fund aimed at helping victims with the costs associated with counseling services, pursuing criminal justice, and other financial burdens that might arise. The Survivor Support Fund is a process where survivors (regardless of if their university participates with the Vantage Point program) can apply to receive the financial support they need to get the emotional and legal support they deserve. The cost of tests and medical costs for reporting rape to authorities tends to add up - ranging anywhere from $1,000 to $7,000 depending on whether or not the victim has insurance. We want to help victims cover these, and other costs related to pursuing justice.


Software Donation


We Want to Support Partnering Non-Profit Organizations

That's why we'll leverage the content we create to donate to partnering non-profit organizations to be used in touring and training organizational groups, to reduce overhead costs associated with employee training, and more. If you're a non-profit interested in partnering with us, get in touch through our contact form!



Together, we canre-envision a new society. 

Together, we can simulate a better reality.




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